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Lib Dems have been funding the Owen Smith campaign

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has hit out at the “disturbing” donors of two groups set up to oust him from the Labour leadership.

The backlash came after the Electoral Commission published figures that showed Labour Tomorrow had received £335k in donations, and that it in turn has funded Saving Labour, another anti-Corbyn group.

Huffington Post reports:
As the leadership ballot closed at midday on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Jeremy for Labour campaign said the findings indicated a “lack of transparency”:

“These are quite disturbing revelations. The continued lack of transparency around Saving Labour can only be a cause for concern for Labour Party members”, they said.

“It is now receiving donations from an opaque organisation founded by the wife of a current Labour MP, which is funded by former Lib Dems and someone who runs Peter Mandelson’s consultancy firm, and is headed up by former Home Secretary David Blunkett”.

Labour Tomorrow was set up by Nicola Murphy, who is the wife of Labour MP…

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