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How The UK’s Biggest Ever Child Abuse Inquiry Descended Into Chaos on PURPOSE

The inquiry – described by Theresa May as a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to get to the truth” – has gone through four chairs, deleted evidence from victims, and now suspended its lead counsel.
In July 2014, then home secretary Theresa May launched a public inquiry into child sexual abuse following an unprecedented series of horrifying abuse scandals – from institutional abuse in children’s homes, to that by Jimmy Savile and other public figures, to grooming gangs in a string of towns. The scope of May’s inquiry was the widest ever set a public inquiry: to examine the failure of any institution in England or Wales to tackle the abuse of children, both historically and in the present day. The seminal inquiry – launched after pressure from MPs, the media, and multiple victims’ groups – rapidly fell into farce. Its first three chairs all resigned, it accidentally deleted victims’ submissions, internal rows over its scope leaked into the media, and on Wednesday the inquiry’s new chair…

"Innocent" Knight of Malta Cliff gets off again

The oh so innocent Cliff gets off again but is Cliff as innocent as the media portray him? 

Cliff Richard (above) used to hire a cruiser on the Norfolk Broads and bring a gang of boys down from a youth club in Finchley (Hampstead in London) that he was involved in, as assistant leader.

Donald Wiseman (below) worked for military intelligence.

In 1942 he became senior intelligence officer of the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces.

Wiseman worked with the Christian Crusaders organisation.

He was the leader of the class at Finchley, which included Cliff Richard.

"A Scripture Union social worker was caught with thousands of child abuse images and videos while he was employed at the Christian charity's Bible camp for youngsters."

Sir Cliff Richard has appeared on stage with Billy Graham. 
Among the paying public were hundreds of children from Christian organisations, one of whom now claims to have been sexually assaulted by Cliff Richard...... 
Billy Graham was reportedly recruit…

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