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Shimon Peres's funeral was nothing more than a show of Zionism power

The whole funeral circus was a show of power by the Zionists because they know the people are on to them now and they know the people know Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism.

So what is a better way of showing power through the Zionist media? A good get together celebrating an "Israeli hero" who has just passed away.
Shimon Peres was no hero he was the "founding father" of Israel who committed war crimes in Palestine with the help from the British government and the UN.
The anti-Semitism card is being thrown around a lot in the UK lately labelling anyone who is anti-Israel or anti-Zionism when Zionism has NOTHING to do with Judaism.
But why is the Zionist media and governments throwing around the anti-Semitism card so much lately? because the simple answer is people are waking up to it all and Labour has a leader who knows all this hence the ridicule, smears and blatant lies in the media.
They don't think Corbyn is some leader who can't win a general electio…

Why is Alex Jones backing Trump who backs Israel?

Donald Trump tells Israeli Prime Minister he would recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as Infowars founder Alex Jones openly backs him is Jones openly admitting he now backs Israel?

The so-called anti-establishment and famous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has always backed the story that Muslims didn't do 9/11 and that it was inside job by CIA, Bush and Blair but over the past few years his stories have changed from backing Muslims to going all Zionist mainstream media by backing the "all Muslims are terrorists" BS or the "Islam is a murder cult" BS. 
So why has he changed his mind time and time again? and why the hell is he backing Trump when he is meant to be anti-establishment and Pro-American rights when Trump is promoting Pro-Israel propaganda? 
Has Jones always been Pro-Israel? Has he always been pro-Zionism? Has he hoodwinked the public after all these years?
The Independent reported that Donald Trump has told the Israeli Prime Minister that the United …

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