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Why is the media and other parties silent on the Tory Election Fraud?

In May Channel 4 news reported that Seven police forces have launched investigations into Conservative MPs for possible election fraud, acting on evidence revealed by Channel 4 News.

The probes are understood to be looking at election expenses of ten sitting MPs, so far.

The investigations centre on whether costs to transport and accommodate busloads of Tory activists to marginal seats should have been declared by candidates.

It follows a four-month investigation by Channel 4 News into campaign spending by the Conservative Party in last year's General Election and three key by-elections.

One force, Greater Manchester Police, confirmed it had already been granted extensions by the courts to extend the one-year time limit for prosecutions under election law.

Further, three forces said they would be doing the same in coming weeks.

Last night legal experts said it is the first time in British history that extensions had been sought to time limits for prosecutions under election law, and sho…

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