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The Sun uses a "Fun App" to determine Muslim immigrant ages, If it was Jewish children there would be outrage!

If this app was used to determine Jewish children immigrant's ages there would be outrage and calls of anti-Semitism, where is the outrage over this? as it's Xenophobic and Islamophobic! 

The Sun among other newspapers is using a “fun app” as evidence to determine the immigrant children’s real ages. This is like something from the Nazi days of Germany.

Things would be totally different if it was Jewish children the app was meant for there would be calls of Anti-Semitism so what is the difference? Whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian or even Athiest they are still human and they are still children escaping wars and not just any old wars, wars Britain started illegally. 

Britain has turned into a far-right fascist country and I am ashamed to say I am British and as Lily Allen said I also apologise on behalf of Britain. 

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What has happened to Britain? Corbyn praises Lineker and Lily Allen.

Gary Lineker And Lily Allen Praised By Jeremy Corbyn Amid Refugee Row

Huff Post reported: Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted praise to Gary Lineker and Lily Allen amid a row over the media coverage of the Calais child refugee teeth checks.

The leader of the Labour party tweeted his thoughts on Friday, stating the former footballer and singer showed Britain “at its best.”

He added the pair were: “Compassionate, welcoming and standing up to fear and division.”

The treatment by some towards these young refugees is hideously racist and utterly heartless. What's happening to our country? — Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 18, 2016
Lineker, 55, had tweeted his dismay after several newspapers ran pictures of child refugees on their front pages, with The Sun among others using a “fun app” as evidence to determine the children’s real ages.

The issue soured further when Tory MP David Davies called for teeth checks to help verify ages, a claim later backed by Labour’s former home secretary Jack Straw.

I a…

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