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Blair signed secret contract with Saudi oil firm promising him £41,000 a month and a slice of any deals he helped broker

Tony Blair signed a secret contract with a Saudi oil firm, which promised him £41,000 a month and commission on deals he helped broker, it has been claimed.
The former prime minister signed the agreement with PetroSaudi – founded by a senior member of the Saudi royal family – in November 2010 in a deal that would promote the firm to Chinese leaders.
It proposed fees of £41,000 a month and a two percent cut on any successful negotiations for Blair, while the firm was told it was prohibited from disclosing his role without consent.
The 21-page leaked document, obtained by The Sunday Times, is the first time a detailed contract agreed by his office – Tony Blair Associates – has been revealed.

The newspaper claims it is also the first piece of evidence of his work for a Middle Eastern oil firm.
Mr Blair’s role as a Middle East Peace Envoy is to hammer out a ceasefire in times of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinian
But it is thought the revelations will give rise to fresh criticism of …

This actually happened today sheeple held funeral outside BBC studios

‘Great British Bake Off’ Funeral Held Outside BBC Broadcasting House

Only yesterday the House of Commons voted against withdrawing support to Saudi Arabia murderous war in Yemen and I expected protests outside Parliment but no we get people pulling off a fake funeral for the Great British Bake Off outside BBC studios because it's moving to channel 4.
Huffington Post reports that Passers-by near the BBC’s Broadcasting House got a shock on Thursday (27 October) morning, as a funeral for ‘The Great British Bake Off’ was held outside the building.
Obviously, the BBC wasn’t responsible for the stunt, which cheekily (albeit in the darkest way possible) poked fun at the fact the show’s time with the channel has come to an end.
The flowers were then held up by faux pallbearers, while mourners clutching cake tins gathered behind the car. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW.

Jesus's body has been found!

 Is Israel faking the fact they may have found Jesus to "prove" the land of "Israel" is theirs? 

RTHas reported A burial slab believed to have held the body of Jesus Christ before he was resurrected has been uncovered for the first time in centuries by a restoration team in Jerusalem. The original limestone shelf, known as a “burial bed,” was exposed during the restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre after being covered by marble since at least 1555 A.D.

“It will be a long scientific analysis, but we will finally be able to see the original rock surface on which, according to tradition, the body of Christ was laid,” Fredrik Hiebert, an archaeologist involved in the discovery, told National Geographic (Which is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is Pro Israel. 

 According to scripture, Jesus Christ was laid on the shelf in the tomb after dying at the crucifixion around 33 A.D. After three days his remains were discovered to be missing and Jesus was said to have appeare…

Here’s a list of Labour MPs who abstained on a bill to withdraw support from Saudi Arabia’s murderous war in Yemen

Yesterday 129 Labour MPs voted to stop support for Saudi Arabia’s campaign in Yemen. The vote was defeated by a majority of 90.

Evolve politics reports: The motion called for support to be withdrawn from the Saudi government until a United Nations investigation could determine whether the Saudi bombing campaign had breached international law. The motion did not explicitly include a suspension of UK arms sales.

Over 100 Labour MPs abstained on the motion. If they had voted to support it the government would have been defeated and yes our good old friend Tom Watson was one of them.

The following are the Labour MPs who shamefully chose to abstain on the motion.

Adrian Bailey
Andrew Gwynne
Andy Burnham
Angela Eagle
Angela Rayner (Paired)
Angela Smith
Ann Clwyd
Ann Coffey
Anna Turley
Barry Sheerman
Ben Bradshaw
Bridgit Phillipson
Caroline Flint
Catherine McKinnell
Chinyelu Onwurah
Chris Bryant
Chris Elmore
Chris Evans
Chris Leslie
Clive Lewis (ill)
Connor McGinn
Dan Jarvis
David Crausby
David Lammy
Diana Johnson

Labour backbenchers beg Labour not to take Zac Goldsmiths seat but why?

The Guardian reports Zac Goldsmith stands down in Richmond Park to protest against the Heathrow decision, just as he said he would. A man of honour keeping his promise? That’s not how he may emerge on byelection polling day. Yet again, this spoiled nonentity is cosseted by his party: though he stands as an “independent”, the Conservatives will try to save his bacon by setting no candidate against him, to avoid splitting their vote. That makes it harder for the Liberal Democrats to snatch back this seat – but by no means unlikely, after their strong showing in Witney. There have rarely been so many good reasons for expelling an MP – and Richmond Park might just do it. Start with his character. In his ill-judged London mayoral campaign against Sadiq Khan, Goldsmith hired toxic spin-master Lynton Crosby to help him descend into the lowest anti-Muslim racism. His lacklustre performance was only memorable for his repeated smears alleging Khan had “given platforms, oxygen and even cover – o…

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