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BBC "Investigates fake rail tickets" but still no investigation of Tory Election Fraud.

Forged rail tickets are being sold on a hidden part of the internet and being used at stations without detection, an undercover BBC investigation has found.
They can be bought for a fraction of the genuine fare on the "dark web", using the virtual currency Bitcoin.

BBC South East bought a first class fare from Hastings to Manchester, and a monthly ticket between Gatwick and London, using them without problems.
The fraudsters said they were offering "an affordable public service".
The group, who are not being named by the BBC, said in a statement: "The train companies keep stuffing their pockets with public subsidies while treating the operation of rail services as an inconvenience.

"No-one should be ashamed of getting one over companies like Southern Rail.

"We wish one day everyone will be able to use an affordable public service. Until then, we will be providing it."

The Tories are being investigated for 2015 election fraud (I'd say that is well m…

Like A 'Concentration Camp' Police Mark Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters With Numbers And Lock Them In Dog Kennels

‘On Thursday, police from no less than five states sporting full riot gear and armed with heavy lethal and nonlethal weaponry, pepper spray, mace, a number of ATVs, five tanks, two helicopters, and military-equipped Humvees showed up to tear down an encampment of Standing Rock Sioux water protectors and supporters armed with … nothing. Under orders from the now-notorious Morton County Sheriff’s Office, this ridiculously heavy-handed standing army came better prepared to do battle than some actual military units fighting overseas. But the target of their operation — a group of slightly more than 200 Native American water protectors and supporters opposing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline — never intended to do battle with the armed, taxpayer-funded, corporate-backed, state-sponsored aggressors.’ Read more: Like A ‘Concentration Camp’ Police Mark Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters With Numbers And Lock Them In Dog Kennels


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