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Tory Britain: British Women forced into prostitution because of benefit cuts and sanctions.

Austerity measures like benefit sanctions are pushing women in Britain to sell their bodies on the city streets, claims experts.
That is the view of staff at the Sheffield Working Women’s Opportunities Project (SWWOP), who report that between June and August this year 51 ‘new’ women became involved with sex work in Sheffield.

Manager at the charity, Sali Harwood calls the figure a ‘massive rise’ considering that in the space of a year SWWOP would normally come into contact with between 180 and 195 vice girls in total.

She adds that while some of the 51 women may be new to SWWOP - the majority have been involved with some form of sex work in the past. In comparison, during most four month periods, the charity says it would see around 12 new women enter or re-enter sex work.

This means it estimates there was a rise of over 400 percent in the number of women entering or returning to prostitution between June and August.

“It’s things like having their benefits sanctioned that are forcing these…

If the Tories won’t order an investigation into Orgreave, they must prepare to be examined themselves

It seems clear to This Writer that the Conservatives don’t want an inquiry into the “Battle of Orgreave” because it would reveal their own complicity with South Yorkshire Police.
let’s see a crowdfunding bid for a judicial review of Amber Rudd’s decision as soon as possible, and let’s haul the Conservatives over the coals.

Be warned, though: We’re all going to hear a lot of nonsense about Orgreave, especially from Tory MPs. There was one on the BBC News Channel on Tuesday (November 1), accusing Labour of ignoring the issue while it was in government.

(Jeremy Corbyn has promised an inquiry if Labour is elected in 2020.)

That’s right – the cabinet papers on Orgreave weren’t published until last year. It is now much harder for the Conservatives to deny links between their government of the day and what happened there.

We might have had a whitewash before, and would have been unable to do anything about it when the papers came out.

I await the nonsense from Tories and their supporters, that wil…

PMQ's: Theresa May bringing up the tax payer pays for benefits BS again

Theresa May is doing exactly what David Cameron did when he first became PM by turning taxpayers against benefit claimants but will it work this time around? Will the cruelty of bullying benefit claimants including disabled people carry on? 
Well most probably because Britain under a Tory government has no compassion.

Of course, it will carry on this is Tory Britain where compassion is dead, where benefit claimants are seen as scroungers, disabled claimants are seen as lazy, where people who use food banks are accused of lying to get free food, where the desperate and vulnerable people in our society are bullied by job center staff into suicide, this is what Britain is today.

Theresa May must have been watching old PMQ's with David Cameron or watching his old speeches so she can repeat them word by word and so she can repeat the horrors of benefit claimants being bullied and hated by taxpayers but why is she panicking all of a sudden to repeat the "we want to make the benefits s…

Does anyone know what Hillary's or Trump's policies are?

Do they even have any policies? all I can see coming from both of them is insults and bitching about each other's past. 
America and the world are in danger no matter who wins. 

When you only have a choice of Donald Trump or ex-President Bill Clinton's wife Hillary Clinton you know your country and the world are in trouble.

The world has no choice who becomes President of the United States but it's the world who will suffer under either of the runners. The biggest problem with either runner is they haven't told us any policies and the people aren't voting for policies they are voting for whoever has the best insult. 

Donald Trump is being investigated for child abuse and rape and Hillary is also being investigated for Email's she sent from a personal computer which is being called a risk for national security  due to hacking and although she is not being investigated for child abuse there have been people who have spoken about her abusing them as a child (See Cathy…

Poll: Should patriotism be classed as extremism?

Patriots are a funny breed they are racist teenagers, who drink cans of lager whilst shouting "oi oi"at mosques, They are also knuckle-dragging drug takers who make the union flag look like a joke. 


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