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Is all this Brexit stuff in court just a massive act?

Are Theresa May and her elitist friends faking all this Brexit in court stuff to win over votes?
Is it all planned so Theresa May will win and look like a hero to the 17 million voters who voted Brexit?

With talks of a general election around the corner unelected Theresa May needs to win votes from the public as Jeremy Corbyn is popular with the working class and poor people of the country. Theresa May won by default for the Tory leadership which made her Prime Minister automatically (well she did cover up the child abuse scandal and set up the investigation to fail what a great big thank you from the elite it is to be given the PM job by default and unelected).
Theresa May doesn't really know how many votes she'd get as she wouldn't have known the results for the Tory leadership because of becoming the leader through default before the vote happened. So she is really in the dark about how popular she really is or whether she as Tory leader would get more votes than Jeremy Co…


Some have decried it as ‘povvo voyeurism’, ‘depressing’, ‘dreary’, or a social conscience for ‘luvvies’. How dare Loach intrude on the relentless victimisation of those on benefits. How dare he force us to look at the system as is. Couldn’t it have had some good tunes and a happy end? Maybe it could have been Les Mis with a disco beat and happy ending. But he chose to tell a brutal story; one that is unfortunately entirely plausible. Look away quick. Head, sand, bury.

The film comes at a time of increasing interest in Basic Income (including a Basic Income parliamentary inquiry announced last week) – in part to replace precisely the type of dismal bureaucracy that the welfare state has been developed into. That is why the ‘citizen’ line is so resonant. The more traditional name for a Basic Income is a Citizen’s Income. What difference would a Basic Income make to the lives of the film’s main characters, Daniel, Katie and her two children, Daisy and Dylan? The answer is an enormous amou…

Europe’s Forgotten ‘Hitler’ Killed Over 10 Million Africans — But the West Erased it From History

Most people have no idea of who is pictured below, but you should. The sight of this man should cause a similar revulsion to that of seeing Mussolini, Mao, Stalin or Hitler, as he committed an African genocide that resulted in the killing of over 10 million people in the Congo.
But it's ok when the West do it isn't it? 

His name is King Leopold II of Belgium.

Most of the people never learned about him in school, and have also most likely never heard about him in the media either. This is because he’s not included in the popular narrative of oppression (which includes things like U.S. slavery and the Holocaust).
King Leopold II is part of an ongoing history of colonialism, imperialism, slavery, and genocide in Africa that would clash with the popular social narratives taught in our school system today. It doesn’t fit neatly into school curriculums where, paradoxically, it is looked down upon to make overtly racist statements. However, it’s quite fine not to talk about a genocide pe…

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