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George Osborne ruins the economy gets an honour at Buckingham palace

Former Chancellor receives honour at Buckingham Palace Ruin the economy and get awarded with an honour "all in it together".

Former Chancellor George Osborne has been made a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour by Prince William.
Osborne, recognised in former prime minister David Cameron's resignation honours list, received the award during a Buckingham Palace investiture ceremony on Friday for political and public service.
The politician served as Chancellor for six years, first during the coalition government headed by Mr Cameron and later when the Tory leader won an outright majority following last year's general election.
Cameron was criticised for cronyism after his resignation honours list recognised a string of political supporters, Conservative Party donors and Downing Street staff.
Also being recognised during the Buckingham Palace investiture ceremony are three figures from the worlds of acting, television and broadcasting.
Dame Penelope Wilton, famed f…

Right Wingers are sharing and getting angry over this post

The only problem is its satire but don't let that get in the way of an angry right-winger who loves a good moan People should really check their facts before making fools of themselves Only right-wingers could make this stupid mistake because their anger takes over any sense they have.

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Whilst the media were moaning over Trump the Tories have done terrible things

Richard Branson's Virgin Care wins £700million contract to run more than 200 NHS services  Also, Fury as Scotland Yard buries damning child sex abuse report on day of US election

Billionaire Richard Branson's healthcare group has been awarded a £700million contract to run NHS services - the first time a for-profit firm will deliver a council's social care for adults.
Health bosses on the board of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for Bath and North East Somerset yesterday voted unanimously in favour of the deal with Virgin Care. Councillors on Bath and North East Somerset Council then cemented their decision by approving the proposal in a vote yesterday evening. 
The private company is now set to run or oversee more than 200 health care and social care services in the area.
The deal marks the first time a council's core adult social work services will be delivered by a for-profit private firm. 
Earlier this year Virgin Care was awarded a £126million contract to take …

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