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Hillary Clinton: It's time to put people in reeducation camps (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Hillary Clinton talking about people who have political differences should be put in camps and in different cabins called red cabins and blue cabins. Joking aside (If that is what she was doing) isn't this an insult to people who have been forced into camps like Auschwitz? Also, the problem we have is  Clinton is not a comedian she is a politician and talking about putting people in camps is a no go area, no wonder she lost.

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Zionism is NOT a religion it's a political movement and Israel is NOT a Jewish state

Zionism is NOT a religion it's a political movement most of the world's richest elite are Zionists anyone from any religion can be a Zionist whether Muslim, Christian etc. People need to realise that Zionism and Judaism are total opposites.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Rav of Bais Yisroel Torah Center (1908-2001)

The State of Israel solves nothing. All "problems" remain the same, and new ones are created.
For example:
1) The Arabian lands have been rendered uninhabitable for Jews;
2) constant wars with neighbours must be waged, incurring huge military expenditures and loss of many lives, in addition to constant peril;
3) it has exacerbated Jew-hatred in the nations, due to Arab influence and also to embroilment with the foreign policy of the nations;
4) and the proponents of the State of Israel – attempt to kindle a fire under the Jews in all lands in order to make their position untenable so that they emigrate to augment the population of the new State. (For example, Ben Gurion…

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