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Tom Watson wants to ban "fake news" because he is totally against democracy and free press

Donald Trump was endorsed for President by Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro and the Pope. The new leader of the Free World was born in Pakistan and described Republican voters as “the dumbest group of voters in the country”. Hillary Clinton employed a body double to make public appearances during the election campaign, sold arms to Isis and has been indicted for treason.

According to this Independent article written by Tom Watson himself, none of these stories is true, but all of them have been widely shared on social media – often by people who sincerely believed them.
"Fake News" could be or mean anything though if it's satire it's comedy so is he going to ban comedy? If it's alternative media is he going to ban free speech and press freedoms? Does Tom Watson want a dictatorship with state funded and elitist owned media only? 
An analysis carried out by "BuzzFeed" which also is a Tory propaganda website found that “fake news” generated more engagement o…

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