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Jeremy Corbyn launches a save the NHS campaign media ignores it

Jeremy Corbyn has kickstarted a campaign to shift public focus towards the NHS with activists taking part in more than 500 events across the country. The “Care for the NHS” campaign aims to highlight the failures of the Government on the health service following its apparent absence from the Autumn Statement.

The Independent reports The campaign is set to be a priority over the winter period for Labour, as Mr Corbyn demanded extra money from Phillip Hammond for the NHS.
Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Mr Corbyn said: “The Conservatives are failing our health service, which has been pushed into financial crisis and soaring deficits.
“Patients are facing longer waits, with hospitals overcrowded, understaffed and threatened with closure. Labour will stand up for the NHS. We will always make sure the NHS has the funding it needs and will join up services from home to hospital with a properly integrated health and social care service. 
“Labour created the NHS to care for us all, now it …

Is Justin Trudeau The Son Of Fidel Castro?

Is Justin Trudeau The Son Of Fidel Castro? 2016 Just got weirder, Is The Bombshell Story Of The Year?
Before we dive into how this could be true, let’s take a look at Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro’s striking resemblance:

She remembers Castro during that visit as a “very warm and charming man — I enjoyed him.”
-Margaret Trudeau on Fidel Castro
Pierre Trudeau, the former Prime Minister of Canada, made many visits to Cuba while the Prime Minister of Canada with his wife and mother of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Margaret Trudeau described Fidel’s peculiar fascination with her baby, when the Trudeau family visited Cuba in the ’70’s and her description of Fidel is very romantic:

“Fidel made it clear in his opening remarks that the parents were important but not nearly as important as the baby. In some pictures, Fidel had a big patch of wet saliva on his uniform because he had come over early to cuddle the baby.”
She remembers Castro during that visit as a “very warm and charming man — …

Expect the Tory media to praise Paul Nuttall and smear Corbyn at the same time

The right wing circus media are going to go nuts over Nuttall over the next few weeks whilst trying to smear Corbyn at the same time don't fall for it Turn off them TV news stations, don't buy a newspaper and don't read it online stay with the left wing media.

Paul Nuttall seems to think he can win over Labour voters in the North and Tory voters in the south but his problem is nobody in the North West especially Liverpool with a brain would go near UKIP because they are Tories but more racist and homophobic. 
The media will do anything in their power to give Nuttall a platform even if they don't like him, they will do anything to get at Labour and Corbyn and Labour voters and members need to see this through it's going to be like the leadership challenge all over again with none stop Corbyn smears. 
Why Paul Nuttall is dangerous: 
Anti-Abortion Thinks the NHS should be privatised country wideThinks discrimination against homosexuals is fine Defends sexismAnti-Immigratio…

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