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In a Christian country the Tories pledge £13.4million to guard every Jewish school, college, and nursery and synagogue in the UK

Amber Rudd has pledged to spend millions to provide guards for all Jewish schools, colleges, and nurseries and synagogues.

The Home Secretary said she was forced to act after receiving 924 reports of anti-Semitic incidents, including 86 violent assaults, last year.
Ms Rudd warned against the “increasingly sophisticated” tactics of far-right extremists in the wake of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.
She said that groups were becoming better at harnessing the use of social media for promoting their cause and hauling in new members.
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Two Labour branches have backed motions calling for mandatory reselection of MPs

More than a year since Jeremy Corbyn’s historic election as leader of the Labour Party, the Blairite smears have not abated. Little wonder then that, in the last two weeks alone, two branches have backed motions calling for mandatory reselection of Labour MPs. The groups concerned are Chingford Labour Party and Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party.

Mandatory reselection abolished under Tony Bair, simply means that for each election that takes place, candidates must be democratically decided by party members. This is not simply about removing MPs, but about restoring democracy to the Labour Party. It is basic democratic accountability.
Trade union general secretaries stand for election every five years and lay union representatives, working hard to represent their members while facing facility time cuts, between one and three years.
Why should an MP be any different?
Predictably, those on the right of the Labour Party recoil in horror when anyone mentions mandatory reselection. Tom Watson, the …

Whilst Corbyn is fighting the Tories Zionist Tom Watson is planning on fighting Labour (Including poll)

Labour 'moderate' group backed by MPs seeks donations to fight Jeremy Corbyn's supporters. Labour MPs including John Spellar, Tom Watson and Ian Austin have links to Labour First, which is raising funds to fight Jeremy Corbyn's supporters.

A couple of weeks after Tom Watson visited Israel he's decided to raise funds to fight the left-wing Labour members and voters.

Labour First is asking for donations to raise £40,000 for a full-time organiser.

The Labour pressure group associated with a number of West Midlands MPs including Tom Watson is raising money to fight the “hard left”, including the Momentum group which backs Jeremy Corbyn.

It describes itself as “a network of Labour moderates fighting against Momentum and other Hard Left groups to keep Labour as a broad-based and electable party”.

Momentum is a body set up to support Jeremy Corbyn by Jon Lansman, who was Director of Operations on Mr Corbyn’s successful 2015 leadership campaign.

Mr Corbyn has spoken at Momentum e…

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