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The downright HYPOCRISY of Theresa May

This week Theresa May has proven how much of a HYPOCRITE she really is, she had one hell of a week last week with Tory Election Fraud, Surrey Sweetheart deal, Brexit, George Osbourne and more and this week has tried but failed to show her "Christian side". When will she learn? 

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"St Theresa May" This week has proven she isn't fit for purpose, she especially isn't fit for Number 10 and PM (unelected PM) because she is a massive hypocrite. This week she told Vogue Magazine "she'd love the superpower to end hunger" which is something that I can imagine her "Spitting Image Puppet (if she had one, just imagine Thatchers spitting image puppet they look exactly the same) saying all the time to convince herself and nobody else of how holier than thou, she is (Or isn't). 

As I was going down my Facebook newsfeed I came across this story in the Independent although it made me laugh for a split second as I moved down my newsfeed I found a story that turned my laughter into absolute ANGER. 

This story is in the Metro and the reason it made me so angry because it's absolute proof that Theresa May is a liar and a hypocrite. The headline is this: 

People caught begging or sleeping rough face £100 council fines

How dare she have the audacity to beg to Vogue readers that she cares about the hungry and wishes that "she'd love the superpower to end hunger". SHE HAS! she is the Prime FUCKING Minister. She doesn't give two flying fucks about hungry and homeless people. 

Last week at PMQ's when Jeremy Corbyn was asking her a serious question about social care she and her uncompassionate Tory minions laughed all the way through it proving she doesn't give a damn about the poor/vulnerable and elderly. 

The sooner Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister the better. 

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