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The Pentagon is paedophile porn HQ

Even though there is evidence, the Pentagon, the NSA, and the CIA do not want to investigate and prosecute their highly-disciplined, high-profile, and high-ranking child pornographers. 

Some of the top ranking defence personnel, intelligence analysts, and federal law enforcement officers in the United States are paedophiles who access and download child pornography on their work and home computers.

They not only compromise the nation’s security and drive the country into greater humiliation and disgrace; they put themselves at risk of blackmail, bribery, and threats by using credit cards or PayPal to pay for access to overseas pornography websites. Yet, these high-profile paedophiles are neither prosecuted by the United States Department of Defense investigators nor exposed by the mainstream media.


In 2006, an undercover Internet child pornography investigation, called Operation Flicker, was conducted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal i…

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