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The Israeli lobby and Mossad problem with Labour

Why has it been so easy for Israeli lobbies, Embassies and Mossad to infiltrate UK governments and parties especially Labour and Tories? 
Where are Mi5/6 it's almost as if they are a part of it isn't it?

It's now a known fact that Tony Blair is a murderer and war criminal after invading Iraq through lying to the world that Saddam Hussein had Nuclear weapons, He never.

Blair is also a massive fan of Occupied Palestine (Israhell) and admits to being a Zionist himself so with all this stuff that has come out on Al-Jazeera news about the Israel lobby and workers plus the Israeli ambassador in Britain caught on undercover cameras boasting about faking anti-semitic bullying and "Bringing down British MP's" they don't like (which in itself is a massive blow and embarrassment to our national security, unless they were involved of course) it made me think about Labour under Tony Blair or shall we say "New Labour" and the dramatic things that happened within…

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