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How can UKIP be anti-establishment when they admit they are a party of Zionists?

The REAL reason UKIP are so anti-Muslim is because they are Zionists.
They also fully back illegal Occupied Palestine (Israel).

A worryingPost found online from 2013 celebrating the fact UKIP fully back Israel and Zionism has reappeared.

The Commentator reported back in 2013 that the BNP claim that UKIP has “sold out to the Zionist lobby” should be seen as a clear indication that opinions remain exactly as they always have in the party that was formed in 1982 as a splinter group from the National Front.

UKIP's official policy statements, such as one entitled “Out of the EU, into the World” make claims of support for Israel, in particular: the nation's right to exist, to defend itself proportionately, and a rejection of attempts to sanction Israel by supranational organisations for defending itself.

It is the goal of my organisation, Friends of Israel in UKIP (FOIIU), to take these policies further and make UKIP a party that British Zionists and members of the Jewish community in Br…

Did MI5 And MI6 Create The IRA?

One must ask oneself, looking at the outcome of the past in the papers and on the news about informers, especially Scappaticci, if MI5 And MI6 did create the Provisional IRA?

At the age of 16 in 1972 I went looking for my brother's informer who was well up in the organisation, who very cleverly tried to set me up in the Telstar bar. Three days later he got me a bad beating at the back of the Stardust for driving a car without permission. 

I will make no comment as to what was in the car, but it would have caused a lot of problems for a lot of people so I took it away. I then joined the Irish army. Again the informer interfered and communicated with MI5 who communicated with the Irish army and told the army that I communicated with the IRA which was lies. 

I was sent into a raiding party in Buncrana. I left the Irish army the next day because they had betrayed me. Behold a certain member of the IRA came to my home in Sunbeam Terrace and said that I had to get out of Derry. This was la…

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