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Peter Mandelson's Scandals and why he is afraid of Corbyn

Allies of Jeremy Corbyn have hit back at Peter Mandelson after he revealed that he is working “every single day” to bring about the Labour leader’s downfall.
The former Cabinet minister said that the Labour leader was living “in a parallel universe” and was incapable of taking the party to victory in a general election.

His withering verdict on Corbyn, delivered at a Jewish Chronicle event in Hampstead, came hours after a new ICM/Guardian opinion poll gave the Tories an 18-point lead over Labour.

Mandelson said: “I work every single day to bring forward the end of his [Mr Corbyn’s] tenure in office. Every day I try to do something to rescue the Labour Party from his leadership.”

But a Labour source told HuffPost UK: “The idea of Jeremy Corbyn being Prime Minister and implementing policies that actually benefit the people terrifies the establishment.

“So it’s no surprise Peter Mandelson has found time in his busy schedule of spending time on oligarch’s yachts to attempt to undermine him.”


How the Moor Murders are linked with the Madeleine McCann case

Could the Madeleine McCann case be linked to Satanic child abuse and ritual murder on the moors? 
It might sound crazy now but when you join the dots it's not that crazy after all

Forget about conspiracy theories this what you are about to read has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. Everything you are about to read has come from police statements newspapers and witnesses.

Yesterday in the Mirror newspaper they reported that paedophile Sir Clement Freud shared an office with Satanic paedophile Cyril Smith. I make the point of Cyril Smith being a Satanic Paedophile because he visited Satanic Rituals on the Moors with Jimmy Savile who knew Ian Brady and Myra Hindley but more about that later.

 'Paedophile' ex-MP Sir Clement Freud shared an office in Parliament with one of Westminster's most notorious alleged sex abusers.

His link to Cyril Smith resurged today after an alleged victim came forward to say Sir Clement was a predator who molested girls as young as 11.

Sylvia Wo…

Was Guardian "Journalist" Owen Jones ever trustworthy?

Everyone knows Polls mean NOTHING, polls said we'd remain and polls said Clinton would win the US presidency 
Owen Jones Guardian "Journalist" should know this more than anyone so why is he tweeting BS about it? 

Yesterday reports that Labour was 18 points behind the Tories in the polls maybe sound bad to some people but the polls mean nothing everybody knows that 90% of the time polls are wrong it all depends on who is online at the time to do the polls. Owen Jones knows this more than anyone so why is he using this to backstab Corbyn?

Utterly catastrophic polling that cannot and must not be ignored. — Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) February 20, 2017
Just like Jacquline Walker, it seems " Corbyn fan" Smith is another controlled opposition, Let's face it he works for the Guardian when do you ever see the Guardian report Pro Corbyn stuff? Exactly NEVER.

There is something sneaky about Owen Jones that I can't get my head around just yet but o…

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