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Ex PAID Troll speaks out about Mainstream Media facebook Comments

SMM News EXCLUSIVELY speaks to an ex-mainstream media PAID TROLL 
The ex-troll tell us how he was paid by mainstream media journalists/editors to fill media facebook comments with anti-Corbyn comments

An Ex Paid troll who we will call "Thomas" spoke to us exclusively and told us how he was paid good money to troll Facebook media comments with loads of different accounts pretending to be different people.

He said how he and others used to fill the mainstream media facebook comments to make Corbyn and Labour look unpopular he also said they did the same with official online polls by faking loads of emails and voting in them.

When asked if there is still people doing it "Thomas" replied "of course there is have you seen the comments on media lately there is hundreds of them with fake profiles some of them are getting lazy and don't even bother filling in their fake profiles which are a massive give away"

Asked how much did he and others get paid to troll medi…

Don't Forget STOKE was BREXIT Capital the media won't remind you of that

Stoke On Trent was and is BREXIT Capital and UKIP had a massive chance but was defeated by Labour
Of course, the Tory media won't remind you of that they are just focusing on Copeland.

People living in every council area of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire voted for the United Kingdom to leave the EU in last year's historic referendum.

Stoke-on-Trent was dubbed the 'Brexit' capital of the country after recording the highest proportion of those who voted 'leave' So UKIP had a massive chance winning the by-elections yesterday but lost to Jeremy Corbyn's Labour but the media are silent about that.

A total of 323,000 people within Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle, Staffordshire Moorlands and Stafford voted. Of those, 207k voted to leave, against 116k to stay and Labour still won the Majority in the by-elections which proved UKIP are needed no more and labour are needed more than ever.

The only reason Labour lost their safe seat in Copeland is because of Jeremy Corbyn's…

From NHS Staff and Patients THANK YOU STOKE

Voting Labour has saved our NHS Thank You, Stoke 
Congratulations to the Conservatives in Copeland, Now Paul Nuttall just go and take UKIP with you

Love always wins Hate always loses and the love for our NHS saved Stoke from UKIP and Westminster from a second UKIP MP. This is just evidence Labour are growing and are still more important than UKIP. 

John McDonnell said on BBC News this morning that "when I was walking the streets of Stoke people were afraid of UKIP they were dividing our community I was afraid, I'm glad Labour and I'm glad Corbyn's Labour won" 

Conservatives won a Labour stronghold seat in Copeland over Corbyn's stance on Nuclear power as most of the Copeland community work at the Nuclear plant which was expected.

This is great news for Jeremy Corbyn by beating UKIP at Stoke even though media (obviously) doesn't think so and are spreading fake news that a new leadership challenge is welcome, it's not going to happen. 

Will Paul Nuttall now q…

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