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Anti-Corbyn news? Unlike it, Unfollow it, Turn it off and Stop listening

Today is Independent day from Anti-Corbyn Fake News for me
I'm sick of feeling down, stressed and treated unfairly for just democratically choosing to support twice massively elected leader of Labour Jeremy Corbyn.

So Today I am unliking, un-following, Turning off my TV and stop listening to the radio because of elitist owned media who are terrified of Corbyn and the public having a voice but why? 

Well I'm sick to death of Mainstream Media FAKE NEWS it stresses me out, get's me depressed, angry and feeling down because we are being bullied by the elite for having an opinion and voice and not allowed to fight back because we are told we are dividing the party, bullies etc for just fighting back to the smears from Tories and Red Tory Blairites. 

The best thing to do is stop following these news sources, for example, BBC, SKY (any Murdoch crap) and any right wing nonsense fake news which is drooling with desperation.

These fake news sources are draining your energy and they are d…

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