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Operation Blue Beam? Mass Panic As Hundreds Run For Their Lives

Mass Panic, Pandemonium and hysteria broke out in Zambia as thousands fled in tears and fear thinking it was doomsday.

It all started after a light rain when all of a sudden thunder and lightning struck, then as the clouds got darker, a very mysterious and creepy cloud in the shape of a human or alien appeared out of nowhere, slowly floating down towards the town square and then soared again.

Then after a few minutes, the creepy creature slowly descended upon the shopping mall at Kitwe town where eyewitnesses said they were almost certain it was the end of the world.

While other shoppers ran for their lives, others fell on the ground and said their final prayers and waited for the “light to go out” as one shopper said.

The town of Kitwe in Malawi is full of evangelical churches that have ben preaching about everyone to get saved and be prepared for the doomsday or end of the world.

The Police were dispatched to investigate the issue after mass panic but by the time they arrived on the scen…

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