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Former Cameron adviser Says Tories promise not to raise National Insurance broken by Philip Hammond was made up "on the hoof" to fill a void in the news cycle

The Government’s promise not to raise National Insurance - broken by Philip Hammond - was made up "on the hoof" to fill a void in the news cycle, a former adviser to David Cameron has said.

Just before general election day, Mr Cameron announced a “five-year tax lock”, guaranteeing there would be no rises in income tax, national insurance or VAT between 2015 and 2020.

Ameet Gill, Downing Street’s former head of strategic communications, admitted last year: "It was probably the dumbest economic policy that anyone could make, but we kind of cooked it up on the hoof a couple of days before, because we had a hole in the grid and we needed to fill it."

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SEX Subliminals: ITV's Art Attack's head had SEX written on it's forehead

Why is it always children's movies or TV that have "SEX Subliminals" in them? 

I knew I'd be remembered for something — Jamie Smart (@jamiesmart) March 7, 2017
My entire childhood is slowly being destroyed by hindsight and my idols’ secret cocaine addictions.

The people I used to look up to in my innocence for inspiration and happiness are being destroyed by NSFW hidden messages.

First Lion King and now Art Attack. I can never look at The Head in the same way after seeing he has the word ‘sex’ moulded into his fringe.

I ask myself the question…did Neil Buchanan know? He doesn’t look like he knew, but then again he is an actor.

The sordid hidden message was spotted by a Twitter user asking: “Wait wait wait so they actually did carve ‘sex’ into The Head from Art Attack’s haircut?”

The statue appeared in most episodes and the word is less clear from certain angles, but definitely always there.

That’s far too clear to be an accident, and the numerous x-r… blocks the video of Theresa May laughing at Corbyn's serious questions

a video of Theresa may laughing like a silly little-demented school girl has started doing the rounds so I wanted to see it for myself and to see if she started throwing up green sick like Regan of the Exorcist, So I went to Parliament.TV as I usually do for PMQ's and they have blocked the video and only showing a picture of Westminster and the voice overs from PMQ's but why? 

Too late we already have it anyway: 
What the hell is THIS supposed to be? — News Thing on RT UK (@NewsThingRT) March 8, 2017
Is the wicked witch from the west having a breakdown? Well, who knows but she ain't having a good few weeks as the Tory Election Fraud investigation comes to an end in May, Her party have been caught out giving a sweat heart deal in Surrey within the NHS and She has been beaten TWICE in the House Of Lords over Brexit.
It's either a breakdown or she has been taken over by the great demon herself Margaret Thatcher (I've got shivers down by sp…

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