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The day a terrorist attack happens in England English football fans chant about German Bombers

So a terrorist attack happens in England today and what do England football fans do? chant about German bombers and the RAF whilst playing Germany in their country. Sometimes no most of the time I'm ashamed to be British and not just British ENGLISH.

I'm at that point where I am sick to death of English people acting like THUGS and think they can get away with it. English people died today and England fans wind up Germans about the war. I am disappointed in this country not only this but we have turned into a right wing mess of a country. 

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Note of Caution over London attack

Written By  Martin Odoni

Reports have been circulating over the last hour or so (at the time of writing) that there has been a violent incident outside Parliament. My understanding of the incident so far – and it may be subject to change as more details come through – is as follows; –

Someone armed with a knife has stabbed a police officer in the vicinity of the House of Parliament. A couple of plain-clothed officers appear to have shot the assailant while he was running away from the scene. The assailant may have had an accomplice waiting in a car nearby. The possible accomplice appears to have run some people over as he drove off.

The incident sounds very ugly indeed, but as far as we can tell at present, only one life has been lost. One life lost is one life too many of course, but it is hardly on the same scale as the day-to-day atrocities experienced in Iraq for the last fourteen years. It may not even be a ‘terrorist atrocity’ in the accepted, political sense of the term. The Metro…

Theresa May: "Tories put the country first" HERE IS THE EVIDENCE THAT IS A LIE

Theresa May today at PMQ's said the Tories put the country first here are examples that she is AGAIN LYING.


The number of rough sleepers in England rises for the sixth successive year under Tory rule.

The number of people sleeping rough in England has risen for the sixth year in a row, according to the latest official figures.

An estimated 4,134 people bedded down outside in 2016, according to the snapshot survey, an increase of 16% on the previous year’s figure of 3,569, and more than double the 2010 figure.

London accounted for 23% of the England total (960), down slightly from 26% in 2015, with the borough of Westminster (260 cases) recording the highest number of rough sleepers in both the capital and the country.

Bristol launches 'spectrum of activity' to tackle homelessness
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After Westminster, the highest incidences of rough sleeping were recorded in Brighton and Hove (144), Cornwall (99), Manchester (78), Luton (76), Bristol (74), Croydon (68), Red…

The downright HYPOCRISY of Theresa May

This week Theresa May has proven how much of a HYPOCRITE she really is, she had one hell of a week last week with Tory Election Fraud, Surrey Sweetheart deal, Brexit, George Osbourne and more and this week has tried but failed to show her "Christian side". When will she learn? 

"St Theresa May" This week has proven she isn't fit for purpose, she especially isn't fit for Number 10 and PM (unelected PM) because she is a massive hypocrite. This week she told Vogue Magazine "she'd love the superpower to end hunger" which is something that I can imagine her "Spitting Image Puppet (if she had one, just imagine Thatchers spitting image puppet they look exactly the same) saying all the time to convince herself and nobody else of how holier than thou, she is (Or isn't). 

As I was going down my Facebook newsfeed I came across this story in the Independent although it made me laugh for a split second as I moved down my newsfeed I found a story tha…

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