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Heartfelt message about our NHS

My kids have a variety of ongoing health needs. Three days before a consultant appointment we waited 6 months for, we received this letter (below). I called the hospital who refused to speak to me. They just told me to speak to Virgin Care. You can't speak to Virgin Care. Only leave voice mails to which they don't respond. I wrote a letter to which they responded. I got an initial assessment appointment and again have heard nothing since. I still haven't seen a consultant. In all since seeking a referral from my GP, it has been 18 months. This is the new Tory Healthcare. And it is targeted at your children. If you want this for your babies. Carry on and vote Tory in June. My child is in pain, bleeding and she is ignored because we are poor. We have no NHS to go to anymore. This is your UK if you want to save our NHS. Do something.

There is only one way to stop this disaster and that is to vote the Tories OUT and vote Labour IN. 

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