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THE guardianreports:
British journalists - and British journals - are being manipulated by the secret intelligence agencies, and I think we ought to try and put a stop to it. The manipulation takes three forms. The first is the attempt to recruit journalists to spy on other people, or to go themselves under journalistic "cover". This occurs today and it has gone on for years. It is dangerous, not only for the journalist concerned, but for other journalists who get tarred with the espionage brush. Farzad Bazoft was a colleague of mine on the Observer when he was executed by Saddam Hussein for espionage. In a sense it didn't matter whether he was really a spy or not. Either way, he ended up dead.
The second form of manipulation that worries me is when intelligence officers are allowed to pose as journalists in order to write tendentious articles under false names. Evidence of this only rarely comes to light, but two examples have surfaced recently, mainly because of the wh…

Ste Matthew Murray has been banned from FB for 30 days

SMM News editor Ste Matthew Murray has been banned from FaceBook for 30 days.

Why? For sharing pro Labour and anti Murdoch stuff. Ste matthew Murray has said he will be deactivating his account forever when everyone knows about what has happened.

He has been banned for 30 days which will mean he won't be around for the election funny how that worked for the anti Labour camp isn't it. To carry on seeing Ste Matthew Murrays stuff he will be on Twitter @SteMattMurray. 

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