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LABOUR BE WARNED: The Anti Semitic lies are coming

And it's all down to one man the self-admitted Corbyn hater Micheal Foster.
Millionaire Labour DONOR pledges to stand against Corbyn in general election.
A prominent Labour donor has pledged to stand against Jeremy Corbyn in the general election if he does not stand down.
Michael Foster said Labour was facing annihilation on 8 June because the “blinkered” leader lacked the attributes required to win.
He also levelled a startling accusation that supporting Corbyn’s leadership “means supporting a political strategy that kills people”, linking Tory dominance to longer waiting times for heart operations.

Writing in the Sunday Times, (Murdoch-Owned) Foster said: “There are a lot of things a political party looks for in a leader. Jeremy Corbyn possesses none of them. Because of him, Labour faces annihilation at the polls.”. The polls are in fact in Corbyn's favour with Labour being 3 points behind the Tories BUT the polls mean nothing so I'm staying open minded about the good poll nu…

This is what the Tories and the Rich think of young people

Blairite now May voter Lord Sugar:

Problem with some young is they expect everything laid on for them and complain about people who have worked hard and have more than them — Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) May 30, 2017 Obviously I had to reply: 

Young people this is what Tories and rich think of you #GE2017#LeadersDebate#ToriesOut#JC4PM — Ste Matthew Murray (@SteMattMurray) June 1, 2017

Remember this when Voting on June 8th. 
Remember Labour and Corbyn care about the young and remember Corbyn and Labour will STOP ALL university costs for you so EVERY young person has a chance. 
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LAST NHS WARNING: May FULLY supports the Naylor report


🔴 #NHS and #NaylorReport 🔴

"Theresa May is backing the Naylor report. Now the Naylor Report is a load of boring waffle but it is important to understand what it is. Essentially, it states that if a hospital wants to purchase new equipment such an MRI scanner, blood analyser or even bed sheets, it will not be allowed access to public capital unless it is willing to sell assets such as land and property.

All properties of the NHS have been given - free of charge - to a new company called NHS Property Service Ltd. Said the company is 'encouraged' to sell NHS assets on a "2 for 1" basis as quickly as possible. The deal doesn't have to be the best possible because the government will "meet the difference" if the assets are sold for less than they are worth.

Why is this bad? Privatisation of healthcare adds 'competition' to health care provision. It has also seen healthcare costs for treatments, such as chemotherapy, on aver…

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