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Ste Matthew Murray is an Alternative, Left Wing and Socialist website.

Ste Matthew Murray is an alternative, Left-Wing and Socialist journalist.

This is my website it used to be called BDTN (Breaking Down The News) but it changed in November 2016 to just my name as I went my own way from the BDTN Production team.

I cover news from Satanic Paedophile cults, Zionism, Left-Wing politics and Socialist news.

I also make documentaries my most popular documentary is Justice For Jill about Jill Dando's murder, my other documentaries cover Amy Winehouse and Jimmy Savile.

I wrote this: 

I just wrote this...
I'm angry 😠 angry that the NHS is being privatised, That the prisons are in crisis, that the paramedics are in crisis, social care is in crisis, the welfare state is being privatised, homelessness is on the rise, crime on the rise, suicide (mainly mentally ill and disabled) on the rise, people put on sanctions or zero hour contracts to make it look like the Tories are getting people back into work when they aren't, I'm angry that the VIP child abuse investigation has been set up to fail, I'm angry that Britain is selling Saudi illegal weapons that is causing genocide in Yemen, I'm angry that the media in this country are allowed to smear a good man who cares about the poor and working class, I'm angry that a group of people from a certain religion are being bullied and segregated because of media lies and govenment propaganda, I'm angry because anger is all I have left after being laughed at and called insane for worrying about the people who are in the same situation as me, I'm angry for being labeled a conspiracy theorist for not blindly following the elite and elitist media war crimes and propaganda, I'm angry that racism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech etc is on the rise and government are allowing it because divide and conquer tactics work in their favour, i'm angry because people who live comfortably will vote Tory because it doesn't bother them or their family that people are hungry, homeless, have no money and desperate, I'm angry even more for being called a leftard or Liberal for just caring about others I'm no liberal I'm just human. I am even more angry that "alternative media" blindly follow Billionaire Freemason Donald Trump as a good guy but smear good guy Jeremy Corbyn as an extremist or terrorist you aren't "alternative" when you are pushing out the same propaganda as the Mainstream Media for viewing figures and/or money from PR companies. I have every right to be ANGRY when I see my country turn into a vile pit of corruption.

As you can tell I back Jeremy Corbyn 100%.

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